Himalayan Jeep Safari

(Over the highest passes in the world)
Manali - Tso-Morari - Leh

Season: First Week Of June to Mid October
Max. altitude: Lachalanga-LA (5065m.) Khardung-La (5580m.)
No. of days: 08 days.
High passes: ‘Over 5 strenuous stages Rohtang, Baralacha -la, Namkila pass above Takh, Lachalanga-la, Polokonka and Chumathang.
Distance: Manali to Devring 353(turning point) Devring to Karzok 90km.Karzok to Leh220km.via Chumathang. Leh to Hemis to and fro 90 km. If one wants to go to Khardung -la both side 80km.
Total distance: 833km.


Gradient: In the beginning its about three hours drive up to Rohtang Pass and one gets acclimatized easily generally easy Jeep Safari over six Western, Northern Himalayan high passes. Difficulties are not there, of course ups and downs.

Grading: A reasonable degree of physical fitness is needed for this Himalayan Jeep Safari and a one-day acclimatization at Manali is recommended.

Special interest: Excellent view for photographers, ideal place for nature lovers and best spot for adventure lovers.

The Manali-Leh Route
Nowhere else in the world can the traveler find such splendid diversity of mountain scenery as in the Himalayas, ‘the Abode of the Snows' and unforgettable way to enjoy this diversity is to travel up the road from Manali to Leh.
From the land of the Gods to the rooftop of the world.
The Manali-Leh road weaves in and out amongst the mighty snow clad peaks of the western Himalayas over a stretch of nearly 475kms, 833(via Tso-morari). The road is open from IST week of July to mid September every year, depending on weather conditions. Let's begin with Manali in Himachal Pradesh once called ‘Devbhumi' the land of the Gods. It is easily accessible by air and road from Delhi, Chandigarh, /shimla and Pathankot. Against the dramatic setting of dazzling snow-bound peaks. Green and idyllic Manali glows like some rare emerald. The tumbling, sparkling waters of the river Beas, where one can fish for trout, the luxuriant apple orchards, the whispering forests, all add to the magic of Manali. Destination Leh: Today this small town (altitude 3506m.) is the gateway to the wondrous world of Ladakh and its unique landscape.

The area of Kullu and Manali:
The hauntingly beautiful Kullu district lies in Himachal Pradesh, a tiny hill state in the North of India between north longitude 32-26 and, and east longitude 76-59.To its west lies the Bara Bhangal range of mountains, and to the south west are the peaks are Dhauladhar, separating it from Kangra district.
Kullu Manali is the source of river Beas and its tributaries, the Parvati and the Sainj. On the north east and east lay the Central Himalayan Range and beyond them are the border of Lahaul and Spiti.
The magical region comprises a total area of 1924sq miles, an eighty-mile strech of varying width, running north to south along the western side of the great snow range known as the Mid Himalaya.

Lahaul & Spiti:
The Lahaul & Spiti valleys from a unique socio-physical unit of Himachal Pradesh. These rugged valleys lie at a height of (3000to 4800m.) above sea level.
Spiti is a cold mountain desert, located on the Tibetan border and flanked on the southeast by district of Kinnaur, north -east by Tibet, north by Ladakh, west by Lahaul and to the south by district of Kullu.

Tso-Morari lake:
This lake is situated at an altitude of 4510m. above sea level; at a distance of 240km. from Leh in the southeast sector of Ladakh. It is like a pearl shape and contains large mineral deposits. Karzok village is situated on the south- west bank of the lake. Karzok Gompa and its inhabitants the nomads (Changpas) is most outstanding feature of this lake. The circumference of the lake is around 36km.

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Changtang platue (Chumthang/Nyoma area):
The people of this area are called Changpas), the up country pastoral community. They have retained their ancient nomadic glory in spite of harsh weather.
Their means of livelihood depend on their herds of Yak, Sheep, Goats and horses with which they migrate. They can be spotted by their Rebos (black hair Yak tent) pitched with the help of small but firm wooden sticks, which cannot replace easily.
They are warm-hearted people devoted to their families and flock. They are Buddhist, socially active and love music and dance.
They treat all types of ailments with their own herbal medicines. Only in case of serious trouble do they call an Am chi Lama.

India's link with the exotic past, when lengthening caravans plied the ancient 'Silk route' and lingered long at Leh to rest, to buy, to plan, or just to visit. What Hong Kong is to the Far East Leh, was in the so ancient times, to central Asia. In the north lay the Lhasa, the holy city, in the west is Baltistan and Kashmir and to the south lays Himachal Pradesh.
Situated at the apex of a triangular plateau formed by the Indus at an altitude of 3368m. it is a small town of narrow intersecting lanes and Main Street leading to the old palace of the Rajah (King) of Ladakh.

Day to day description:
Day 01: Manali - Jispa (3142m.) 8hrs. Drive over Rohtang Pass (3970m.) to Lahaul valley, along the Chandra River to Keylang is the district headquarters of Lahaul & Spiti and through the valley of Lahaul finally to campsite Jispa.It has new Monastery on the left bank of river Bhaga, built to commemorate the auspicious the 18th Kalachakra initiation by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in July 1994. Overnight stay in the camp at Jispa.

Day 02: Jispa - Sarchu (4253m.) 5hrs.drive through Dacha, Patsao, Zingzing Bar and over Barlacha-La (4892m.) pass, which is one of the most dangerous pass among other, passes on the way to Leh. And one can see one of the most excellent panoramic views of the high rising/sky touching mountains is likely C.B., K.R. (range) and Mulkilla mushrooming mountains massif. And also just on the top of Baralacha- La is having a lake Suraj Tal a source of two major rivers Chandra & Bhaga surrounded by C.B. mountain ranges and gradual descent down through Kalung sarai to Sarchu. Overnight stay in the campsite at Sarchu.

Day 03: Sarchu - Pang (4630m.) 5hrs.drive through two high passes are known as Lachalang-La (5065m.) and second one just above the Brandy bridge. After Sarchu drive in a curving all the way up to Pang and mountains are without snow/cold desert. And one can see a mountain goats and Ibex in a herds along the roadside. Overnight in the camp at Pang.

Day 04: Pang - Tso-Morari lake (4510M.) via Tso-Kar 8hrs. Drive through Pang/More planes which is completely 25km. flatten straight road up to the diversion at Devring point (4500m). And it turns right side towards the Tso-kar 10 k.m. Before theTanglangLa (5380m) is the2nd highest motor able road in the world. Tso-kar is a small hamlet and the first village on the way to Tso-Morari lake and also a small monastery Tukje (Gompa) nomadic life surrounded by its reach small mountain tarn. After that one has to negotiate the Palokonka pass at a height of 4968m descend down visit Puga and along the road hot water springs at a glance. From Leh side, Tso-kar and Tso-morari road confluence at Sumdo finally reaches Karzok and the great salt water lake Tso-Morari. Close by is Karzok, capital of Rupshu situated at an altitude varying from 4267 to 4510 meters? It is extremely cold and during the day the scorching sun is too hot. It is very an interesting jeep able safari road to explore oldest lake Tso-morari and you may find it difficult but rewarding driving to Tso-morari. And also road from Manali all the way to Leh is almost completely an unmetalled road at many places you will enjoy the jerk and jolts. Overnight in the camp at the bank of the lake.

Day 05: A day at leisure at Tso-Morari Lake (salty and blue water lake). Tso- Morari lake is about 28km.long and 8km.wide at an altitude of 4510m.Explore the wonderful lake, scenic pasture and wild geese/ducks. And then visit the KARZOK4267m.village popular Monastery (Gompa). In the Karzok village nomadic (Champas) community lives and overnight in the camp at the bank of the lake

Day 06: Tso-Morari (4510) Leh. Via Chumathang 8hrs.drive through Changthang plateau the home of Leh (3506M.) via Chumathang the nomad (Champas) is the most attractive area as far as scenic beauty, brakish lakes, wildlife, hot springs and its enchanting mountains. Finally reaches at Upshi (3384m.) where the both road from Tangling-La (5360m.) or Manali via Tsomorari are confluence at Upshi and Leh is 47km.One can have a spectacular view of the Suru valley along with its Indus river, reach greenery, culture, monasteries, Monks, and smiling people of Ladakh pay a welcome to every visitors of the world. Overnight in hotel at Leh.

Day 07: Sights seeing in and around Leh. In the morning visit Hemis monastery that is 45km.from Leh It is one of the richest Gompa in this region. Built by the inveterate royal architect, Singe Namgyal, after subduing Baltistan, Purig, Zanskar and Spiti in 1620,the Hemis, lies in a side valley, not visible at once, but looms suddenly a mass of splendid architecture, on a green hill, its white washed walls gleaming white, its brightly colored and fluttering flags a brilliant splash against the blue sky. En route to Leh visit Tiksey situated on a splendid hill top perch, overlooking the green valley of the Indus is the 12 storeyed Thiksey Monastery 800 years old. In the monastery there are 60 Lamas /Monks and a few nuns / Chomos and visit Shey and Shankar monastery. After noon free and overnight in hotel.

Day 08: Leh to Khardung-la (5580m.) that is the highest motor able road in the world. It is 39km.from Leh. Just below the pass is "check post". Get your passport checked and have a great view of Nubra valley and a sky touching mountains on the top of the Khardung-La. Overnight in hotel at Leh and half day free. Whether some one likes the tour to Khardung-La one can undertake or not need to be undertake?
Jeep Safari Concluded.

Day 09: Departure from Leh to Delhi by air and it takes only 02hrs. To reach Delhi.

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