Riding the warm thermal currents of the air is perhaps the closest man has ever come to sailing the skies as free as a bird. Almost at will, you dip and wheel high over the hills and valleys. Solang Nullha is very popular for the Paragliding in Manali and in Himachal Pradesh. Hand gliding and parachuting when combined is called paragliding. A paraglider has to run down the hill at 40 degree slope, the running results in air filling in the columns of the keel, this allow the glider to take off. The Solang valley slopes are perfectly made for paragliding.

One experiences ethereal serenity while sailing in air above the ground. Enjoy the high view of Manali from height, an experience which is surreal and peaceful. The bird’s eye view of the beautiful scenery below gives the gilder an exhilarating feeling.

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Ideal Time For Paragliding
Though the Solan Valley is ideal for recreational activities in summers and winters alike, the joy of Paragliding can be experienced in the period between May and September. The weather in these months is pleasant and the fair winds make it ideal for your paragliding adventure.

Paragliding is organized in Kullu valley throughout the year at Solang Valley, located 14 kms from Manali and other locations like Marhi, Fatru, Bijli Mahadev etc. There are generally two kind of flights:

1. Short flights : The client is taken 100 - 150 mts up the slope and takes a flight along with the pilot in the two seater paraglider. The flight lasts for approximately 60 - 90 seconds.

2. High flying : Approximately 20-30 minutes flight and arranged at Fatru, Kothi and Bijli Mahadev. Mainly for experienced pilots who have done short flights.

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Deo Tibba peak
15 days - Manali - 6001m
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