Malana Tribal village trek: Naggar-Chanderkhani-Malana-Jari

Region: Manali, Naggar, Jari Road-ahead and Parvati valley.
Season: First Week Of June to End of November.
Max. altitude: 3600m.
No. of days: 05 days trek and one day journey, Jari to Manali.
High passes: ‘Over 01 moderate pass Chanderkhani (3600m.).
Gradient: In the beginning its about two hours drive up to Rumsu and Over Chanderkhani Pass one gets acclimatized easily generally easy. Difficulties are not there, of course ups and downs.
Grading: A reasonable degree of physical fitness is needed for this trek and a one-day acclimatization at Manali is recommended.
Special interest: Excellent view for photographers, ideal place for nature lovers, best spot for adventure lover, and monarchy culture.

The area of Kullu and Manali
The hauntingly beautiful Kullu district lies in Himachal Pradesh, a tiny hill state in the North of India between north longitude 32-26 and, and east longitude 76-59.To its west lies the Bara Bhangal range of mountains, and to the south west are the peaks are Dhauladhar, separating it from Kangra district.
Kullu Manali is the source of river Beas and its tributaries, the Parvati and the Sainj. On the north east and east lay the Central Himalayan Range and beyond them are the border of Lahaul and Spiti.
The magical region comprises a total area of 1924sq miles, an eighty-mile strech of varying width, running north to south along the western side of the great snow range known as the Mid Himalaya

Malana trek
Moderate 04 days trek and one-day jeep journey. The trek begins at Naggar after a short drive from Manali of the left bank of river Beas. After crossing the Chanderkhani Pass (3600m.), this trek gets to the Malana village, famous for its distinct and very reserved social culture, Care and respect for local custom is essential.

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Malana Village (2652m.)
Malana village is a small community of tribal people who has unique culture and they're very own government. Story goes to show how the Greeks under Alexander the Great penetrated as far as Malian village where few soldiers who were left behind from his army intermarried and developed the society which came to be known as the Malana village Society. Marriage system in Malana is not so strict like Hindu marriage but there no one really marries in the village in the sense that if a boy or a girl encounters and develops the liking for each other during the holy village festival, they can have multiple marriages and the only boy pays Rs 20/- to their holy temple. Therefore divorce is unknown and there is no age barrier for the marriage. A 17 years old boy can marry a 40 years old women. The village has its own laws. There has never been police in Malana village and they do not have any respect for the outside authority. The village has been divided into two zones for judicial purpose. One is higher court like Supreme Court, which is headed, by the Head Priest and another is Lower Court is headed for the settlement of the minor disputes. At the center of the village is the 816mts platform made out of stone, which is known as the? Supreme Court. It is said that Akbar the grate's men forcibly snatched 02 coins from certain pilgrim who had brought those coins from Malana and as a result of the, Akbar's treasury got polluted and he developed Leprosy. When Akbar came to know, he wanted to go personally to pay homage to the God Jamlu at Malana but he sent his own image along with two coins in questions, the image can still be seen in the temple

Parvati Valley
The main Kullu valley has numerous side valleys opening into it. The most notable of these is the Parvati valley, Parvati River, which meets the river Beas at Bhuntar, is the biggest tributary of the river Beas. There are more than fifty peaks from 6630m. Enclosed between them together with the Retrain glacier, Dibibokri Glacier, Tosh Glacier, Malana Glacier and Parvati Glacier.

Manikaran: Where the hottest non-sumptuous water springs of the world are situated, is the most popular place to visit and stay? Most of the trekking trails commence from the Manikaran motor head.

Day to day description:
Day 01: Manali - Rumsu (2600m.) Trek begins at Naggar 3 hrs. Manali to Naggar by jeep and it is 21 km from Manali. Delightfully situated on a wooded slope and commanding an extensive view of the valley, it is famous for its temples, ancient castle, and the Roerich Art Gallery.

Day 02: Rumsu - Nauya Tapru (below Chanderkhani pass) 3hrs. The legend says that thousands of years ago, Jamlu (presiding deity of Malana) was carrying a basket containing Gods of Kullu. On the top of the pass when he opened the casket, a very strong wind blew the gods all over Kullu valley to their present abodes. Since then the valley is known as "the valley of Gods".

Day 03: Nauya Tapru - Malana (2651m.) 4hrs trek. On the top of Chanderkhani Pass one can have a striking view of Deo Tibba overlooking the Malana glen and other snow crowned giants on the Spiti border is obtainable. Malana comprises two villages about a hundred yards apart. A village containing temple a building is considered sacred & no one wearing leather shoes is allowed within its precincts.

Day 04: Malana - Jari (Road-Ahead) (1524m.) 4hrs.trek. Today's trek is totally descend down to Jari in a zig - zag way. A wonderful view of Pin Parvati range of mountains can be seen.

Day 05: Jari - Manali 4hrs.journey by jeep or car. Trek concluded.

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